What You Get When You Book Your DMV IRP


EDS systems streamline the inspection and documentation process, reducing the time and effort required.


Electronic documentation ensures accurate and up-to-date records, minimizing errors.


EDS systems allow for easy submission and retrieval of inspection reports, simplifying compliance with DMV requirements

Compliance and Convenience:

Registering under the IRP ensures compliance with regulations across all member jurisdictions, avoiding penalties and legal issues

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Why Is It Important To Get Your Vehicle Safety Inspection

Ensuring your vehicle meets California's stringent safety and emissions standards is crucial for legal compliance and environmental responsibility. Ed's Automotive Center provides comprehensive emissions testing and inspections to ensure your vehicle meets these standards.

California requires smog checks for most vehicles to control emissions, which can be conducted at various BAR-certified station. Additionally, the Bureau of Automotive Repair oversees the Vehicle Safety Systems Inspection Program, ensuring vehicles, including revived salvage ones, are safely registered with the DMV.

To operate legally in multiple jurisdictions, businesses benefit from the International Registration Plan (IRP) administered by the California DMV, streamlining registration and compliance across states and provinces.

Ensuring your vehicle undergoes regular safety inspections not only keeps you compliant but also contributes to safer roads and reduced environmental impact.

Here Are What You Get With DMV IRP

Digital License Plates in California: Simplify vehicle registration renewal with streamlined processes, eliminating physical tags and offering instant processing

Apply for California Vehicle Registration Services: Access all necessary vehicle paperwork quickly and efficiently online, from registration renewals to new registrations

Streamline Your Vehicle Registration Process with Auto Registration Services: Hassle-free guide to car registration in California, providing expert assistance and a stress-free experience

MHZ Auto's DMV Registration Service: Expert guidance and personalized attention to streamline the vehicle registration process in California

Register Your Car in California with MyImprov: Clear steps and guidance for a smooth car registration and titling experience in California

DMVdesk – California Digital Title & Reg: Powerful title and registration solution, keeping up with DMV changes to enhance efficiency

How Our 5 - Step DMV IRP Process Works

Understand IRP Registration

IRP facilitates fair registration fee distribution based on mileage for commercial vehicles across state lines

Prepare for IRP Registration

Gather ownership, insurance, USDOT number, EIN, and prior IRP registration documents

Complete IRP Application

Download and complete IRP forms A/E and B detailing fleet and mileage per jurisdiction

Submit Application and Inspection

Submit completed forms and documents to a California DMV IRP office and undergo EDS vehicle safety inspection

Renewal and Maintenance

Annually renew IRP registration and maintain accurate mileage records

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