What You Get When You Book Your Inspection

Safety First:

Regular DOT inspections, whether annual or every 90 days, ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, protecting you and your loved ones from potential accidents caused by mechanical failures. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your vehicle won't break down unexpectedly on a busy highway

Peace of Mind:

Knowing your vehicle has passed a thorough inspection gives you confidence every time you drive. It's not just about meeting regulations; it's about ensuring you and your passengers are safe on every journey

Legal Compliance:

Staying compliant with DOT regulations not only avoids hefty fines but also demonstrates your commitment to road safety. It’s about being a responsible vehicle owner and setting an example for others on the road

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Why Is It Important To Get DOT Inspection

Getting a DOT inspection is crucial because it ensures your vehicle meets safety standards, protecting you and others on the road from potential hazards.

It helps you stay compliant with legal requirements, avoiding fines and penalties. Regular inspections provide peace of mind by confirming that your vehicle is roadworthy and reliable.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) annual inspection is a comprehensive inspection that is required for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) operating in interstate commerce.

This inspection ensures that the vehicle meets the federal safety standards. Inspections also help identify minor issues before they become costly repairs, saving you money in the long run

. Additionally, inspections contribute to reducing emissions, supporting environmental sustainability

Here Are What We Inspect When You Come In

DOT Annual Inspection

Brake System: Service brakes, Parking brake, Brake drums and rotors, Brake linings and pads, Brake hoses and tubing, Trailer brake connections

Coupling Devices: Fifth wheel, Pintle hooks, Drawbar/towbar eye, Upper coupler assembly, Safety devices

Exhaust System: Leaks, Proper mounting, Components and emissions

Fuel System: Tanks and lines, Mounting and leaks

Lighting Devices: Headlamps, Tail lamps, Clearance lamps, Reflectors, Marker lamps

Safe Loading: Securement devices, Tie-downs, Cargo securement

Steering Mechanism: Steering wheel free play, Steering column, Front axle beam and components, Steering gear box, Pitman arm

Suspension: Springs and hangers, U-bolts, Axle positioning parts, Shock absorbers

Frame: Frame members, Tire and wheel clearance, Adjustable axle assemblies

Tires: Tread depth, Tire pressure, Tire condition

Wheels and Rims: Condition of rims, Lock or side ring

Windshield Glazing: Condition of glass, Presence of cracks and chips

Windshield Wipers: Operation and condition

90-Day Inspection

General Inspection: Overall vehicle condition, Cleanliness and organization

Brake System: Basic check of service brakes, Parking brake operation

Tires: Tire pressure, Tire tread and wear

Lights and Reflectors: Operation of all lights, Condition of reflectors

Steering and Suspension: Steering operation, Suspension components

Fluid Levels: Engine oil, Coolant, Brake fluid, Transmission fluid, Power steering fluid

Exhaust System: Basic check for leaks and secure mounting

Safety Equipment: Fire extinguisher, Reflective triangles, Spare fuses

How Our 2 - Step Inspection Process Works

Inspection Standards

We conduct a thorough examination of the vehicle's systems, including brakes, lights, and tires, to ensure they meet safety standards.


A record of the inspection should be kept in the vehicle's maintenance file, noting any issues found and corrective actions taken.

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